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September Playlist - Matteo Cibic

Matteo Cibic, the celebrated Italian artist and designer, known for his playful yet functional creations, has curated a vibrant Monthly playlist for Amphora. His studio, Matteo Cibic Studio, has been a hub of creativity for over 15 years, blending artistry and design into unique pieces.

Cibic's designs, often characterized by whimsical anthropomorphic forms, have made a significant impact on the design world. His playlist reflects this fusion of creativity, weaving together diverse musical genres and eras into a harmonious soundscape. Throughout his career, Cibic has earned prestigious accolades, including the Elle Decor International Edida 2017 award and a coveted spot on the Architectural Digest AD100 list in 2022. His artistic creations are showcased in esteemed museums worldwide, from the Musee Pompidou in Paris to the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Immerse yourself in Matteo Cibic's Monthly playlist, where his boundless creativity shines through. It's a blend of design and music, a symphony of innovation and artistry, reflecting his unique approach to both worlds.


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