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December Playlist - Urjowan Alsharif

As we embrace the festive spirit of December, Amphora presents a playlist curated by the distinguished Urjowan Alsharif, Interior Architect and Founder of Studio Urjowan Interiors. Known for her unique blend of Gulf aesthetic traditions and global design influences, Urjowan's playlist mirrors her creative process. “This playlist is what I currently listen to in the studio while working or sketching, perfect with a cup of coffee!” she shares.

Each melody in the playlist reflects Urjowan’s eclectic style, much like her projects that narrate stories through spaces. From high-end residential designs in the Gulf to her favorite project, a private boutique resort in Kuwait, her work is a testament to bespoke, culturally-rich environments. This playlist, akin to her design philosophy, promises a journey of harmonious and inventive tunes.

Dive into Urjowan’s world of design and melody with this special December playlist, available through the link below.


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