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August Playlist - Omar Al Gurg

Immerse yourself in a world where creativity meets whimsy, guided by the creative genius Omar Al Gurg, the mastermind behind Modu Method. As a new month dawns, we turn the spotlight onto Omar Al Gurg, our guest curator, inviting you to experience design through a lens of playfulness and innovation.

About the Curator:

Omar Al Gurg is more than a designer; he's a purveyor of delightful eccentricity. His brainchild, Modu Method, is a testament to his innate ability to infuse functional design with a touch of quirk. From versatile furniture pieces like "Spike" to transformative wonders like "Gene," Omar's designs mirror his entrepreneurial journey - a fusion of pragmatism and imagination.

Step into Omar Al Gurg's whimsical world by tuning into his carefully curated playlist on Spotify. Let his musical selections inspire your own creative endeavors.


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