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June Playlist - Nisrine El Labadidi

Immerse yourself in the symphony of design and aesthetics, curated by none other than Nisrine El Lababidi, the visionary behind Harfnoon Design Studio. As we step into a fresh month, Nisrine takes center stage as our guest curator, inviting us to a world where design narratives and melodic rhythms entwine.

About the Curator:

Nisrine El Lababidi is a force to reckon with - Founder of Harfnoon Design Studio and the creative voice behind 'Homes: We make them, they make us'. A design influencer with a profound insight into the essence of spaces, Nisrine welcomes us into her evolving home - a canvas she's meticulously crafted to align with her family's journey.

Experience the fusion of design and melodies by tuning into Nisrine El Lababidi's curated playlist on Spotify. Let her musical selections amplify your own design narratives.


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