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March Playlist - Miriam Llano

Get ready to embark on a musical journey that mirrors the creative tapestry of the design and architecture world. Our very own trailblazer, Miriam Llano, the visionary founder of Amphora, has curated a playlist that's all about igniting your creative sparks. As we kickstart the month, let the rhythm infuse your days, just as Miriam infuses her expertise into every corner of the industry.

About the Curator:

Miriam Llano isn't just a name; it's the driving force behind Amphora's ingenuity. A Spanish entrepreneur and brand strategist, Miriam is known for her unrivalled passion for revolutionizing the marketing landscape. With a heartbeat in the design and architecture realm, her curated playlist reflects her unwavering dedication to elevating creativity and connecting industries.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify and let the design industry's pulse be your guide.


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