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May Playlist - Meshary Al Nassar

Prepare to dive into a world where design and melody intertwine seamlessly, guided by the creative mastermind, Meshary AlNassar. As we step into a new month, Meshary AlNassar takes center stage as our guest curator, sharing a playlist that resonates with the soul of his design philosophy and his vintage-inspired, authentic creations.

About the Curator:

Meshary AlNassar is a design virtuoso whose journey began in Kuwait after studying interior design at the American University in Dubai. His brainchild, Studio Meshary AlNassar, is a testament to his commitment to crafting spaces that carry a touch of history and a dash of Danish design influence. Each creation reflects his belief in conscious minimalism and the power of authenticity.

Immerse yourself in Meshary AlNassar's world by tuning into his meticulously curated playlist on Spotify. Let his musical selections resonate as you explore the authenticity of his designs.


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