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April Playlist - Riyad Joucka

Prepare to embark on an auditory expedition through the intricate corridors of design, guided by none other than Riyad Joucka, the polymath architect, designer, and entrepreneur behind the avant-garde architectural studio MEAN. As we embrace a new month, Riyad Joucka steps into the spotlight as our guest curator, sharing a playlist that resonates with the myriad facets of his creative journey.

About the Curator:

Riyad Joucka is a true visionary - an architect, designer, and researcher who has left his mark across diverse disciplines. His brainchild, MEAN, stands as a testament to his prowess, uniting specialized talents from various horizons in pursuit of architectural excellence. A master of fusing local culture with cutting-edge methodologies, Riyad's creative signature is an ode to innovation.

Unlock a portal to Riyad Joucka's creative universe by tuning into his specially curated playlist on Spotify. Let his musical selections be the backdrop to your own design discoveries.

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