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The 2024 Cosentino Capsule Collection

Cosentino's Capsule Collection reveal was more than an event; it was an exposition of innovation and craftsmanship. The event, set against the inspiring backdrop of the SKOONI Art Foundation & Residence, marked a pivotal moment for regional design. Five eminent designers—Nadine Kanso, Omar Nakkash, Rabah Saeid, Omar Al Gurg, and Thomas Trad—accepted the challenge to "Dare to Play" with Cosentino's groundbreaking Dekton Slim Protek, leading to the creation of an extraordinary series of pieces that blur the lines between function and art.

Nadine Kanso's 'Blink', a lamp emanating playful charm, stands as a testament to her mastery in blending modern Arab identity with whimsical design. In contrast, Omar Nakkash's 'Oli Bench' brings forward a message of heritage and resilience, encapsulated in the robustness of Dekton and the timeless appeal of olive wood. Rabah Saeid's Styled Habitat presents 'kəˈnɛkt', a modular marvel that offers a fresh take on versatility and aesthetic fluidity. Omar Al Gurg's 'Dinna' cleverly tackles space constraints, marrying practicality with elegance, while Thomas Trad's 'Kimiko' reimagines the office desk, showcasing Dekton's ultra-thin profile in a gravity-defying form.

These pieces were not simply constructed but meticulously brought to life by Cherwell's expert hands. The partnership with these seasoned artisans ensured each concept was executed with finesse, embodying the collaborative spirit that drives the Capsule Collection's ethos.

The Collection does more than dazzle the eyes; it serves as an embodiment of Cosentino's commitment to sustainability and innovation, featuring pieces that beautifully demonstrate the versatility of the Dekton Slim Protek. Each piece not only showcases the designers' individual creativity but also speaks volumes of their shared vision of pushing design boundaries.

The second edition of the Cosentino Capsule Collection is more than a showcase of ingenuity; it is a celebration of culture, craftsmanship, and the endless possibilities within the realm of design. It invites onlookers to ponder the narratives behind each piece, urging them to appreciate the tales of home, culture, and modern living that they encapsulate.


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