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One year of Amphora

ONE. One year of Amphora.

I would love to say time flew and “oh Lord… one year already?” But no, the truth is that it did not feel quick. It felt like a lifetime, several MBAs and a couple of layers of thicker skin over our baby crawling startup. This year felt intense, filled with immense amount of work, dedication and emotional overload. At this point in the reading, I hope you are feeling the heaviness? Good, because it was precisely that gravity, that overweight and responsibility we feel towards our clients that skyrocketed us like a catapult to the point we are today.

Today, 365 days later, we have a family of 7 warriors and growing, a newly opened beautiful office, the love and respect of industry leaders and a dream Walk of Fame portfolio of clients.

I am forever grateful to you, my team. Thanks to our bodies for keeping up with this pace and massive gratitude to the great amount of people who genuinely keep supporting us on this journey.

What else can we ask for now? To enjoy it! To have fun with what we do, to add real value to the world of Design & Architecture and to keep making our partners proud of being part of our circle, this Amphora house that… it has only just begun.

Be together, be true, be Amphora.



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