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Founder's Letter - May, 2023

April means Design. That time of the year that makes us travel from every corner of the world, pay for expensive hotels and walk the Uber-less city of beautiful Milan. Diving into the latest design trends, powerful collaborations and catching up with the design community. All worth it!

This edition of Milan Design Week was very special for us.

We were there to support several of our partners who participated at Salone del Mobile and Fouri Salone. An edition marked, in our opinion, by the power of cross-industry collaborations. Furniture & Fashion, Sound & Hospitality, Surfaces & Art. Proof not only of the value and synergy that can be created through the intersection of two different worlds but also of how design is becoming ubiquitous as an area of interest for the general public.

Millennials and Gen Zs populate their Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards with interior design inspirations. They add designer hotels to their travel bucket list or even an iconic design piece to their wishlist after watching an influencer’s house tour. This increases the desirability and probability for design...and for design products and services to end up in the shopping cart of a much wider and global audience.

What did you think of this year’s edition?

Miriam Llano,

Founder and Managing Director


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