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A Tranquil Respite at Dubai Design Week: The Wellness Lounge

In the vibrant whirlwind of Dubai Design Week, The Wellness Lounge by Estilo Blanco Interiors at Cosentinog emerged as a serene haven, an escape where tranquility reigned supreme. For those who joined us, the experience was an interlude of calm, an unexpected pause in the rhythm of a bustling fair.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Estilo Blanco Interiors transformed the Cosentino showroom into an oasis of calm. The ambience, a harmonious blend of calm colors and comfortable tetures, was complemented by the state-of-the-art wellness equipment from C.O.D.E., offering a sanctuary for guests to unwind and recharge.

The centerpiece of relaxation was undoubtedly the CoCo, the Dekton Electric Massage Bed by C.O.D.E. Here, guests experienced the zenith of relaxation, transported to a realm of peace amidst the fair's excitement. The home décor elements from La Nena added a touch of sophistication, creating a spa-like ambiance that was both luxurious and comforting.

Beyond the allure of the massage bed, the Wellness Lounge offered a symphony of sensory delights with its nutritious offerings. Healthful wellness drinks and wholesome bites provided a much-needed energy boost, earning high praise from attendees who found a moment of solace in their busy schedules. The Wellness Lounge became more than just a part of the fair; it was a highlight for many, a topic of conversations, and even garnered attention from the press, reflecting the impeccable experience it provided.

As the doors of the Wellness Lounge close, and the echoes of Dubai Design Week begin to fade, we carry with us the memory of tranquility, the knowledge that within the fair's liveliness, there was a quiet luxury to be found. While this event may have concluded, the journey of well-being and luxury continues. We invite you to stay connected with Amphora, as we continue to bring forward experiences that soothe, inspire, and rejuvenate.


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