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Image by Thomas Bormans

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"Reimagining Antiquity" Unveiled: A Prelude to Design Innovation

Hosted at the Dubai Design District, the event offered an exclusive preview into a design revolution just before its grand reveal to the public and press. This gathering was more than an event; it was the unveiling of a new concept created between Cosentino and Kristina Zanic Consultants.

Kristina Zanic and Justin Condon from Kristina Zanic Consultants, along with Eddy Abou Khalil from Cosentino Middle East, orchestrated an enlightening talk that delved into the heart of the Balneum instalation. Their discussion, moderated by Miriam Llano of Amphora, was not just informative but also a celebration of innovative design meeting historical inspiration.

The session provided attendees with a unique opportunity to witness the concept and thought process behind Balneum - a blend of time-honored elements reimagined through modern design sensibilities. As the discussion unfolded, the anticipation in the room grew, culminating in an excited buzz that would carry over to the next day's public unveiling. This event was a testament to the power of design to bridge the past with the present and create something truly groundbreaking.

We're grateful to everyone who joined us for this prelude to a Balneum. Your enthusiasm and engagement made the event not just a success but a memorable experience that set the stage for the public reveal.

Keep an eye on Amphora for more such exclusive events that take you behind the scenes of the design world's most exciting developments. The journey of discovery continues, and we're thrilled to have you with us.


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