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The Art of Art Curation with Ornare

In a captivating exploration of the intersection between art and interior design, Ornare Dubai recently hosted an illuminating event that delved into the process of selecting art pieces for interior spaces. A synergy of perspectives came to life as Hana Akram, a distinguished Artist and Interior Designer, and Mennah Darwish, Select Group UAE Design Manager, shared their insights and expertise.

Guiding the Creative Journey: As the audience settled in for an enriching experience, Hana Akram and Mennah Darwish took center stage to demystify the art of art curation. Through a knowledgeable and engaging keynote speech, attendees were treated to a guided journey through the intricate process of selecting artworks that seamlessly intertwine with interior spaces.

Dual Perspectives: The event not only explored the technical aspects of curating art for interiors but also provided a unique dual perspective. Hana Akram brought forth the artist's vantage point, shedding light on how artworks can breathe life into spaces while reflecting individual expression. Mennah Darwish, representing the realm of interior design, delved into the strategic intricacies of selecting art pieces that harmonize with a property's overall aesthetic.

Convergence of Expertise: With professionals from the architecture and design industry in attendance, the event unfolded as an insightful convergence of expertise. Hosted by Ornare, a brand renowned for its commitment to exceptional design, the event proved to be an enriching experience that celebrated the interplay of art and interior design.

Unveiling New Dimensions: As the discussions resonated and ideas flowed, the event offered a glimpse into the dynamic world where art and design intersect. Ornare's platform provided the perfect backdrop for this dialogue, inviting attendees to explore the boundless possibilities of elevating spaces through art curation.

A Continuation of Inspiration: As the event concluded, its impact lingered, inspiring attendees to approach art and interior design with fresh perspectives. Stay tuned for more captivating insights and explorations as we continue our journey through the realms of design, innovation, and creative inspiration.


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