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Revisiting Timelessness: Cassina’s "Design Icons Through The Decades"

The Cellar resonates with the echoes of a remarkable evening at Cassina Store Dubai, where design's past, present, and future in a conversation of style and substance. The panel discussion titled "Design Icons Through The Decades" brought together a trio of design virtuosos – Hilda Impey, Mustafa Khamash, and Sejal Patel.

Our guests were immersed in an exclusive dialogue that traversed the timeline of living spaces, discussing how the classics influence modern dwellings and the way we perceive the art of interior design. The conversation, masterfully steered by Amphora's founder Miriam Llano, navigated through the personal stories and professional insights of the panellists, offering attendees a nuanced understanding of design's evolving landscape.

The Cassina showroom, a space where design marvels are no strangers, became a hub for creative exchange, brimming with an enthusiastic audience. A night that was not just an event; it was a testament to the collective passion for the art of design, an embodiment of Cassina's commitment to heralding a legacy of elegance and innovation. As the evening concluded, the sense of community and shared inspiration among Dubai's creative and design industry professionals was palpable.

Stay tuned to The Cellar for the next events, which continue to shape our narrative in architecture and design.


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