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Image by Thomas Bormans

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Inside the Ornare x Harper's Bazaar Interiors Exclusive Event

In the heart of Dubai's architectural marvel, The Opus by Omniyat, a select group of guests stepped into an evening where every detail was a whisper of luxury. "Harper's Bazaar Interiors at Home with Ornare" wasn’t just an event; it was an experience, a journey into a world where elegance and sophistication aren’t just adjectives but a living, breathing reality.

Imagine a space where the lines between fashion and interior design blur, where the texture of a bespoke closet evokes the same thrill as the touch of haute couture. That’s the magic Shalise Basso and Carina Fontes, the dynamic duo behind Ornare Dubai, unveiled to a room of wide-eyed guests. The conversation wasn’t just about luxury but an exploration of what it feels like, what it looks like, and the intimate dance between the craftsmanship that defines both worlds.

Yet, amidst the allure of intricate designs and eloquent conversations, blossomed a central, symbolic activity that captured the essence of the evening - a flower arrangement workshop. Under the guidance of a professional, guests were immersed in the art of creating exquisite floral arrangements. Each bloom, each arrangement, became a personal narrative, echoing the bespoke elegance that defines Ornare. It was a dance of colors and textures, a tangible expression of the luxury and artistry that filled the room.

Ornare, with a legacy spanning 33 years, is a narrative woven by the visionary Esther and Murillo Schattan. Every piece, every creation, is a blend of technology, art, and an unwavering commitment to quality. It’s not just about furniture but about bringing dreams to life, much like the guests who breathed life into their unique floral creations under the starlit Dubai skyline.

As conversations flowed, and hands deftly curated blooms, each guest was woven into the tapestry of Ornare’s narrative. It was an evening of connections, of shared stories, and the unfolding of a chapter where luxury was not just seen but felt, touched, and intimately experienced. Each floral arrangement, a personal testament to an evening where elegance was not just observed but crafted, celebrated, and lived.


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