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Image by Thomas Bormans

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Matinal Society #4 at Nakkash Gallery

Matinal Society’s Coffee Nº04 unfolded as yet another chapter of stimulating exchange. This time, our gathering found its stage at Nakkash Gallery.

This edition, like those before it, was a melting pot of brilliance. Architects, designers, and creatives came together, sharing insights and stories that stretched beyond the usual professional banter. It was about real people, real challenges, and the real, raw beauty of creation in the architectural and design world.

Nakkash Gallery was a silent participant, its walls echoing the passionate conversations and ideas that were shared. Yet, the stars of the show were, without a doubt, the attendees of Coffee Nº04. Each voice, each story, added a unique note to the symphony of creative exchange that is the hallmark of Matinal Society.

Excited for the next one? So are we! Stay tuned for future chapters of Matinal Society, where the journey of design exploration, connections, and inspiration is as endless as our guests’ creativity. Register here to potentially step into the world of the next Matinal Society gathering. Who knows, the next burst of inspiration might just be a conversation away!


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