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Image by Thomas Bormans

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Matinal Society #3 at Cassina

Matinal Society, a gathering where visionaries in architecture and interior design come together over the first meal of the day, convened at the Cassina store for its third iteration - or "Coffe Nº03" as we like to call it.

In the heart of Jumeirah, Cassina's storied Italian heritage met Dubai's bustling design scene. But this morning was not just about design; it was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and personal connections. A gathering that goes beyond professional networking; it's a platform for sharing personal stories, envisioning the industry's future, and navigating the everyday challenges that come with it.

Cassina, a brand synonymous with design excellence since 1927, provided the perfect backdrop for these conversations. With this space's elegance and innovation as our canvas, we painted a morning filled with insights, inspirations, and the promise of future collaborations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Cassina and Vivium Holding for hosting this exceptional gathering. Stay tuned as Matinal Society continues its journey, illuminating the design world one breakfast at a time.


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