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Image by Thomas Bormans

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Matinal Society #2 at Cosentino

Dubai's design community eagerly embraced the return of Matinal Society for its second edition, this time in the heart of Dubai Design District. Architects, designers, and creatives gathered for a morning of engaging conversations and connections, set against the backdrop of the striking Cosentino Showroom.

Cosentino Group, a global powerhouse in innovative surfaces, played host to this unique gathering. A Spanish family-owned company with a global reach, Cosentino is renowned for brands like Silestone®, Dekton®, and Sensa by Cosentino®. These technologically advanced surfaces transform spaces, inspiring design brilliance in homes and public domains alike.

With the unmistakable Matinal Society flair and the creative atmosphere of the Dubai Design District, the event blossomed into an inspiring dialogue. As attendees exchanged ideas, formed new relationships, and discussed the evolving design landscape, Cosentino's influence was evident in the design excellence that surrounded them.

As the event concluded, the energy of shared discussions lingered, setting the stage for further exploration. Matinal Society's second edition celebrated both design ingenuity and the spirit of unity that defines Dubai's design community.

Stay tuned for future chapters of Matinal Society, as design exploration, connections, and inspiration continue to unfold. Register here for a chance to be part of the next edition of Matinal Society.


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