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Image by Thomas Bormans

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Cassina Store Opening

In a remarkable stride towards elevating Dubai's design landscape, Cassina, the iconic Italian design brand, has unveiled its first-ever Middle East store. Nestled in the heart of Jumeirah, Dubai's upscale residential haven, this sprawling 600m2 space ushers in a new era of design excellence.

"The Cassina Perspective" comes to life in this immersive space, where authenticity, innovation, and production excellence intertwine seamlessly. With a legacy spanning almost a century, Cassina has consistently sculpted the future of interiors, and this store opening marks a defining chapter in its storied history.

The 600m2 showroom not only celebrates Cassina's storied heritage but also introduces Dubai to a treasure trove of exquisite creations that epitomize the brand's signature values. A tribute to authenticity, a testament to quality, and a symphony of innovation await discerning design aficionados who step into this realm of unparalleled craftsmanship.

As Cassina makes its grand entrance into Dubai, it ushers in a new era of design sophistication, poised to influence the region's architecture and design landscape. With "The Cassina Perspective" as its guiding light, the brand extends an open invitation to explore and experience the world of design from a fresh angle.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dubai's dynamic design scene as we continue to unravel the stories that shape the creative tapestry of this vibrant city.


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