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Image by Thomas Bormans

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The Art Bar at Art Dubai 2023

From March 1st to 5th, the stage was set for artistic brilliance at Art Dubai 2023. Among the array of immersive experiences, the spotlight shone on the Art Bar, a captivating collaboration between C'est ici Design and Amphora.

The Art Bar's allure lies in its unique inspiration drawn from the opulent Queen's Grove at the Palace of Versailles. This finely crafted F&B space dared to redefine convention, presenting a departure from the usual dining concepts seen at Art Dubai. A symphony of soft landscaping, artistic floral arrangements, bespoke bar aesthetics, and handcrafted furniture created an atmosphere of pure visual delight. The Art Bar effortlessly elevated the fairgoers' experience to new heights.

Beyond the Art Bar, C'est Ici Design's creativity further flourished on the water terrace, embracing the secret garden motif. Cosentino, La Nena Home, Jotun, and Maria German Décor joined this artistic dance, enriching the collaboration's vibrant tapestry.

Art Dubai 2023 wasn't just an event; it was an opportunity for design and art to intertwine, igniting innovation and reimagining the very essence of creative expression. Stay tuned for more captivating moments where design and culture intertwine, as Amphora continues to celebrate the fusion of creativity and connection.


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