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Step into the world of extraordinary design with AMPHORA's Guide to Downtown Design 2023, your essential companion to navigate the Middle East's leading design fair from 8-11 November.

Your journey through Downtown Design is marked by must-visit installations, starting with the mesmerizing Solaire Lounge, a collaboration between Veuve Clicquot and C’est ici Design, inspired by the mystique of the sea. Intercon’s The Forum invites attendees into a cloudscape of imagination and creativity, offering an ethereal space for exchange and dialogue. Innovative design meets technology at ‘When Time Stood Still’ by Innofab45, while Cassina’s eclectic collection provides a testament to the evolution of iconic design with "The Cassina Perspective". AMPHORA’s guide ensures that no stone is left unturned, leading you to the minimalist elegance of ‘Balneum’ by Kristina Zanic Consultants for Cosentino and unveiling the artistic prowess on display by BEIT Collective. Every corner of Downtown Design 2023 is a confluence of creativity, innovation, and aesthetic mastery – a world where the essence of design comes to life.

Make AMPHORA’s Guide your companion in this journey, ensuring an immersive, insightful, and utterly unforgettable experience.


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